We work to offer the best service, and for this we do a thorough job sorting bowlings manually, thus achieving a quality in our products that is among the best in the country.

Our bowlings are prepared for the grinding of red paste and white paste, and also for the grinding of silica sand etc.

Also they have application in decoration, due to its color and characteristic form, and being a material of the most valued by the companies dedicated to that activity.

To give an optimum quality service in the delivery of our product, we pack in new big bags so that there is no problem when loading and unloading the trucks, as well as in the handling of the same, reducing to the minimum risk any accident.

We work with a network of transporters and transport agencies that guarantee the constant and adequate service to the demands of our customers both in bulk and packaging in big bags.


The extraction takes place in a way that we minimize the breakage of the bowlings and we obtain an excellent quality, since we have a compact and very uniform material, giving a very high yield, with a production of approximately 10000tm annually.

After sieving, we pass the material to the washing area which is performed with a cylindrical washer tromel, obtaining a product in perfect condition, then pass it to the selected area and classified.

The available stock is quite broad, since we spend all the year extracting and we have this stock to give service to any client and order, both packaged and in bulk.

The measures currently available are:

  • Bowlings 4-6 cm
  • Bowlings 6-8 cm
  • Bowlings 8-10 cm
  • Bowlings 10-12 cm
  • Bowlings 12-14 cm
  • Bowlings 14-16 cm
  • Bowlings 16 cm onwards (approximately 25 cm)

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