Extraction of silica bowling

In Sílices el Bonillo we are experts in extracting silica bowlings, with more than 12 years of experience in the mining sector and commercializing our product both in the Spanish market and abroad. Thanks to the innovation we can offer the best quality extraction with a composition of more than 98% in silica and an excellent hardness which guarantees the best performance in grinding.



Minimizing the breaking of the bowlings we get a very good quality.


Washing is done with a cylindrical washer tromel.


We ship worldwide.

The quality of our raw material

Our success both in the Peninsula and abroad is due to an excellent composition in our raw material, and a careful work, which guarantees an unbeatable service. Supreme quality.

We detail the chemical analysis of the bowlings, demonstrating our enormous quality:

Na2O Not detected
MgO Not detected
Al2O3 Not detected
MgO3 0,79
SiO2 98,47
P2O5 0,04
SO3 0,02
K2O 0,14
CaO 0,03
TiO2 0,12
MnO Not detected
Cr2O3 0,03
Fe2O3 0,32
Co3O4 Not detected
NiO 0,01
ZnO Not detected
CuO Not detected
Ga2O3 Not detected
Rb2O Not detected
SrO 0,01
Y2O3 Not detected
ZrO2 0,02
Nb2O5 Not detected
Sb2O3 Not detected
BaO Not detected
PbO Not detected
As2O3 Not detected
Cs2O Not detected
F Not detected
Cl 0,01
Br Not detected


We work to offer the best service, and for this we have a meticulous work for the classification of the bowls through manual classification, thus obtaining a quality in our products that is among the best in the country.

To give an optimum service of quality in the delivery of our product, we pack in new big bags so that there is no problem at the time of loading and unloading of the trucks, as well as in the handling of the same, minimizing the risk Of any accident.


The extraction takes place in a way that minimizes the breakage of the bowls and we get a very good quality, since we have a compact and very uniform material, giving a very high yield, with a production of 10000tm per year.

After the screening, we pass the material to the washing area that is made with a cylindrical washer tromel, getting a good wash, then pass it to the selected area and classified.


The material that we extract is used mainly for the grinding of clays and silica sands that with its high content in silica and being a stone so compact and hard give a very good result.